Dr. Gleghorn's Classes

Biochemistry I

This course discusses the structure and function of various biological macromolecules and their associated metabolic pathways. Correlations between the structure of proteins and their function, biological membrane structures, and physical laws that apply to metabolic processes are studied.

Biochemistry Lab

This course introduces the theory and practice of modern biochemical research. It constitutes a lecture followed by computational or wet-lab work towards discovering various properties and functions of biochemical molecules. Buffer preparation, centrifugation, separation chromatography, electrophoresis, and UV-Vis spectroscopy are all utilized towards the isolation and characterization of proteins and/or nucleic acids. Genetic manipulation techniques are also studied. The course is writing-intensive.

Advanced Nucleic Acids Biochemistry: Structure & Function

This course is an advanced study of nucleic acid structures as determined by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and X-ray crystallography methods. Nucleic acid catalysis is also studied. Genome and genome-sequencing papers are discussed. RNA topics such as ribozymes riboswitches, as well as DNA topics such as genome duplication and alternate gene expression, are discussed.

Protein Conformation Dynamics 

This course is an advanced study of the structure and function of various proteins. Biophysical and mechanistic components of protein function are discussed. Computational methods are also applied to the studies.

General & Analytical Chemistry I

This is an introductory chemistry course designed for students in the life and physical sciences. Students learn the concepts, symbolism, and fundamental tools of chemistry in order to become well-versed in chemistry. The relationship between atomic structure, chemical bonds, and the transformation of these bonds through chemical reactions is heavily emphasized throughout the course, and organic chemistry concepts are introduced.

General & Analytical Chemistry Lab I

This is an introductory chemistry lab course that utilizes wet-lab and workshop-based learning that complements material studied in General & Analytical Chemistry I. Lab techniques and data analysis skills are emphasized. Covered topics include gravimetric, volumetric, thermal, titration and spectrophotometric analyses, all to analyze chemical reactions.

Separations & Mass Spectrometry in Biological Chemistry 

This course focuses on chemical separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry (MS) methods in order to analyze various samples in both industrial and academic settings. Techniques include gas chromatography (both with and without MS), high performance liquid chromatography (both with and without MS), solid phase extraction, size exclusion/gel permeation, and ion exchange chromatography.